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Thursday, September 27, 2012


Tuesday 10th of September saw the community of Tallow come together for what was to be the first of two very successful meetings on Tallow’s Future.  Facilitated by David and Celine Beurle of Future IQ Partners Ltd. and hosted by Tallow Enterprise Group, the meeting was aimed at identifying the challenges faced by a rural town like Tallow and how these can be addressed through working together as a community.

The group were given examples of small towns in Western Australia with a similar infrastructure to Tallow and how they have overcome many obstacles to make their communities more sustainable.  An exercise was performed and a survey completed to identify the main challenges which Tallow faces.  The unanimous results were discussed at the follow up meeting on Tuesday 18th, they clearly showed that the people of Tallow are interested in the importance of a shared vision for future community development.

This second meeting was again well attended, with many new people present.  David introduced his innovative Futures Game to the group and this was enthusiastically played by all.  The findings upheld earlier results and demonstrated that the Tallow people are united in their attitude, willingness and understanding of the need to become focused and work together to achieve a vibrant future for Tallow.
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